The Best Way To Spend $100?

So you have that spare $100 dollar sitting in your pocket and you just can’t seem to find out what to do with it?

You’re not sure whether you should invest in something and get even more money? or whether you should get yourself that gadget you always wanted?

Well this site is here to help you find the best way to spend 100 dollars.

Best way to spend 100 dollars

Best way to spend 100 dollars

Now  think about it. There are basically two options to choose from.

  • Fun / Entertainment
  • Invest

So what is the best way to spend $100?

I’m not lying, you will have a good feeling investing your money somewhere safe but do you really want to get through the hassle of finding the best and safest investement? Who is even going to accept a tiny  investment of 100$? Not even taken into consideration the transfer costs yet!

I think you see where this is heading: It’s simply not worth investing 100 dollars!

I’m telling you this: Spend your money on something you like!

Studies have shown, that the regular speding of money on things you like, dramatically decreases the chances of getting a hart attack!

I’m sure you don’t want to wake up in hospital knowing you could have prevented this buy buying something you always wanted!

Remember that RC Helicopter you fancied but never knew whether you were to old for it or if it was worth the money? Just get it! I promise you won’t regret it! and it doesn’t even cost you a fraction of your spare 100 dollars!

Or that Video Game you looked at! It doesn’t cost $100 either!

There are so many fun things to buy. I suggest going to a huge shopping center and browse through all their goods!

If you’re too lazy have a look at the biggest online shopping center there is:

Amazon - The best way to spend 100 dollars